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Maybe you wonder about my name - BriStar :-)


The name is made up of: Brigitte and Starlady = BriStar


How did "Starlady" come about?


I got this name from my second daughter many years ago, on the grounds that "mom you are concerned with the stars and you are a lady to me", which I was basically never, never wanted to be and never in the classic sense will be.


So I got the idea to sign my acrylic pictures with "Starlady" and subsequently my digital energy pictures with the combination of both, ie "BriStar".


I like to combine and so I've tried a lot in the course of my life according to the motto: "Trying is about studying".


Describing yourself in words is always a challenge to face yourself.


From this perspective, I see myself as a completely natural woman and like to call myself:


the woman with the "3 H"

Heart - humor - brain


From the time I was born, my path was a bit "different" and so this energy has been with me to this day.


My personal decision, at the age of 16, to follow the "call of my heart" and to be allowed to give my first child life on earth, was also "ENTRY INTO THE SCHOOL OF LIFE" from the perspective of the "adults".


For me to be of full age and age meant to take sole responsibility for myself and at the same time for my child, to take over and to enter a "new stage" on which I still felt very insecure at times.


Children are wonderful gifts from heaven and at the same time an invitation to preserve and protect their own INNER CHILD.


From child to mother and then to woman


My innate talents were "cornerstones" to recognize the stones that were put in my way as further "building blocks" in order to build my personal LIFE BUILDING with them.


Within a further 16 years, four wonderful soul children decided to start their life with me, to be "accompanied" by me and finally, grown up, to go their OWN WAYS and also to help their soul children To build your foundation.



in a body that supports you!




I am happy to be able to accompany YOU a bit on YOUR trip,










Energy Coach

Health coach

Rhetoric trainer

New Age companion


Angel medium




My motto:

Live and let live!

Direct Consultant

The needs of his body are as individual as everyone is for HIMSELF, and yet there are active ingredients that he needs every day to stay in balance.